Agency principal Kristin Yantis has more than 15 years experience developing innovative national public relations programs for upscale, luxury lifestyle brands such as Vail Resorts, Inc., The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Destination Hotels & Resorts. Her experience with such innovative brands inspired her to start her own boutique marketing communications firm.


The name Malen is in honor of Yantis’s grandfather Gordon Malen who was an award-winning public relations and advertising executive until his retirement in the early 1980s. Malen’s career revolved around great story telling. He was a journalist in his early career where he covered Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight across the Atlantic Ocean. He later was personally tapped by J. Edgar Hoover to be an FBI agent during World War II.


Malen’s legacy and the agency’s clients are MYPR’s inspiration to develop and communicate great brand stories.


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