Developing the Brand Story

The key to the Malen Yantis Public Relations approach is ensuring each client has a clear brand story that is newsworthy to the media. If a client’s brand already is clearly defined, Malen Yantis Public Relations wants to experience the brand to better understand what it promises to its customers. For clients with new brands or products going through a re-branding process, MYPR can lead the client through a comprehensive session to identify their brand story. Working together, the client and agency define key target markets and identify how the brand, and brand promises, translate to these markets.

Communicating the Brand Story

A variety of internal and external communications tactics are utilized in this phase of our approach toward public relations. The Malen Yantis Public Relations approach to communicating the brand story is an integrated approach. Reviewing and understanding a client’s sales and marketing plan is paramount in this process to ensure everything that is done supports this effort.


We first identify a client’s priority markets, whether internal or external, and develop measurable objectives to help reach these targets. Tactics are deployed to support each objective in a creative manner to break through the clutter of other messages in the marketplace. For examples of how agency Principal Kristin Yantis has helped her clients break through the media clutter and achieve their objectives, please visit the case studies section of the site.


Communicating the success of telling a client’s brand story also is an important part of our process. Measuring our impact on our client’s business may be done through a variety of resources. The monthly agency report is the single most important way that MYPR communicates its accomplishments to clients. Based on client needs, the monthly report may include publicity value for media coverage, awards, Web traffic, reservations volume, upcoming media placements, etc.

Protecting the Brand Story

All companies find themselves vulnerable to public scrutiny, natural disasters, product defects, etc. Our clients work hard to create their brand and Malen Yantis Public Relations can help them protect their company’s story through pro-active analysis of crises likely to affect them.


Most crises occur with little or no warning. They may include robberies, deaths, management failure, terrorist acts, health and safety issues, product contamination and many other categories. Occasionally, communications crises have warning signs giving a company the opportunity to diffuse or resolve the potential problem before it occurs.  However, whether a crisis is anticipated or due to an emergency, the same actions and activities should be implemented and energized in each company.


MYPR can help clients prepare for times of crisis so that companies have the processes and procedures to minimize damage to their brand.


your brand. our story.