Chase Candy “Unwrapped”

For more than five years, Chase Candy’s famed Cherry Mash had been included in the opening credits of the Food Network’s popular “Unwrapped” series. However, the company was never featured on the program. For years, the team at Chase kept in touch with editors of Unwrapped and ensured they were aware of happenings at the candy company. Knowing these relationships take time, the executives at Chase were patient but persistent with the producers of the program. In 2007 Unwrapped taped two segments on Chase and the making of the popular Cherry Mash candy bar.



The Chase segments have aired numerous times over the last five years. Each time the stories appear on television, the company receives an average of 100 internet orders within 24 hours resulting in approximately $8,000 in revenue. The company estimates that over the last five years they have generated more than $100,000 in internet sales due to the Unwrapped segments.



cherry mash single photo


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