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The Power of Facebook, Should You Pay for It?

by Haley McNeill

Social media sites like Facebook offer brands a powerful way to interact with and reach consumers. Facebook has increased advertising options by introducing sponsored stories and promoted posts - but are they worth paying for?

These new advertising options can be helpful in increasing followers but there is no magical answer as to which option will be most helpful for any individual brand’s fan page. It’s all a matter of experimentation with these new products. Additional efforts applied to Facebook advertising may increase followers but it might not. Most social media enthusiasts suggest spending money on both to find out which works best to either increase followers or spark engagement. Read more…

The Friday Frosting

by Kristin Yantis

Every Friday the MYPR blog will be themed the "Friday Frosting" - musings about all things batter, butter cream and ideas that take the cake.

For those of you who know me well, you know that cake is my favorite food group. Of course I know that ‘cake’ isn’t a food group but it certainly should be. I grew up surrounded by candy with my family running the Chase Candy Company, however my weakness has always been cake.

With this in mind, I wanted to set aside one day every week to get off topic a bit, focus on something that isn’t only pr or marketing communications oriented. The Friday Frosting will critique or review some of our favorite bakeries, cupcake trucks and sweet spots we’ve found in Colorado or on our travels.

The Friday Frosting also is our opportunity to be a bit more whimsical and if we’ve not been able to get out and try the latest butter cream in the area, we’lll simply share some musings and observations about happenings throughout the week that ‘take the cake.’

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