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We Are Hiring! Full-Time Account Coordinator

by Kristin Yantis


Malen Yantis Public Relations is seeking a full-time account coordinator. The position is based in the Vail Valley and reports directly to the principal of the company. This is an excellent entry-level opportunity in a fast-paced small agency environment. The person who is selected for this position has an opportunity to be exposed to every facet of the agency including clients from Maui to Vail.

This position is responsible for managing and supporting MYPR client strategies and programs to further company objectives. The successful candidate must employ strategic communications tools through traditional and social media platforms to effectively engage media and consumers. Read more…



Representing Hometown is an Opportunity of a Lifetime

by Haley McNeill

It’s always exciting to be awarded an opportunity to grow, for me that opportunity came in the form of accepting a position with Malen Yantis Public Relations. Working as an account coordinator for the agency is the opportunity of a lifetime and my role revolves around a topic near and dear to my heart -Vail.
Vail is not only where I was born, but my parents met here, built a home here and my brother and I are one of the few, fortunate enough to have been raised here.  So this opportunity to grow professionally, while representing my hometown means I’ve been granted that fundamental desire to do what I love.  A huge victory in a twenty-something’s life!
There’s something special about mountain air.  As long as I can remember, coming home to the crisp air here in Vail has meant a sense of peace. Some of my fondest memories of childhood include Vail Mountain as the backdrop.  Ski days with my dad - a Vail Ski Patroller for over 30 years - summertime chairlift rides as a kid in hot pursuit of wildlife sightings, the familiar chill after rain in the middle of summer and the excitement of snowfall, all mean one thing to me; this is home.
My instinct is to formally introduce visiting friends to Vail, like they were meeting an old friend of mine. I’m excited to do this from a business perspective as we welcome numerous journalists to the community this summer.

MYPR Welcomes Haley McNeill to the Team

by Kristin Yantis

Today, I am so excited to welcome Haley McNeill to the Malen Yantis Public Relations team as an account coordinator. I’ve known Haley personally for a year now and always thought so highly of her – her upbeat style and passion for Vail was always infectious.

As I contemplated bringing on an account coordinator a few months ago, a friend suggested I hire Haley, so I did some digging. Little did I know that Haley’s background was perfect for my company. She’s worked for a minor league hockey team handling media relations, a Web development company that gives her a unique online marketing perspective and, most importantly, she recently worked for a local radio station. So, in essence, she’s been “the media” and understands pr from their perspective.

Haley grew up in the valley, so I’m excited to see the personal touch she brings to showcasing Vail to media who visit this summer. From tales of hiking her favorite trails to what it was like to interview Vail’s own celebrity bachelor Ryan Sutter for the high school newspaper, there’s an authenticity to Haley that only comes from being a local.

Welcome Haley, I’m excited to have you on board!

Haley may be reached at or (970) 949-7919.

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