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MYPR Moment: Fashion Event Series Kicks Off at The Sebastian - Vail

by Taylor Cook

In an effort to re-introduce a boutique luxury property to the Vail community, MYPR put together an event series that invited visitors and locals to experience The Sebastian – Vail in a different way. On Wednesday evening, the property opened its doors for some après fashion and fun.


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A Work Space Worth De-Stressing Over

by Taylor Cook

For many, the start of a new year means letting go of bad habits and adopting new ones for a year filled with happiness and success. With public relations in the top ten most stressful jobs of 2013 - right alongside active military officials, firefighters and commercial air pilots - there’s no better time to take a moment away from our work life frenzy to start fresh in 2014.

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Pixlee and the Humanization of Brands

by Haley McNeill

Social media users are exposed to brand representation every day thanks to the current trends in photo sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are all posting photos of a perfect ski day, perfectly plated meal or epic sporting event but is it possible to capture all those images in one place? The answer is yes - thanks to Pixlee.

Pixlee is a web-based photo aggregator that collects user-generated photos from Instagram and Twitter containing specific hash tags. These photos are filtered through a moderator and then published to a photo gallery on brand web sites or social media platforms such as a Facebook fan page. Photos that are published through Pixlee also can be manually uploaded to become Pinterest pins. Read more…

What You Eat & Why We Should Care

by Haley McNeill

Have you seen a recent commercial from fast food chain Taco Bell that is entirely made up of Instagrammed taco photos? It’s basically a photo collage turned television ad of something most people are doing anyway- taking pictures of food. Yet, this is the first time we’ve seen it used in an advertising capacity. It’s a simple concept that speaks to the current trend in photo sharing across multiple social media outlets, especially Pinterest.

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Friday Frosting: Soccer Ball Finds New Use With Uncharted Play

by Kristin Yantis

This week we’ve got an idea that truly takes the cake – a soccer ball that generates energy. Imagine that the hoards of children you see on the field every weekend kicking around a soccer ball are creating energy every time they make contact and move the ball – fascinating! But, it’s also a reality thanks to the team at Uncharted Play and their product called the SOCCKET.

The SOCCKET is a modified soccer ball with an eco-friendly generator inside. The gyroscopic mechanism inside the ball captures the energy of motion and converts it into clean energy. The six-watt power outlet on the SOCCKET can power a variety of small appliances such as fans, hot plates, water sterilizers and more. Imagine the implications this can have for underdeveloped parts of the world.

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